We are the world’s largest politically independent non-profit organisation of students for students and young lawyers who strive for academic and personal development in addition to studying law. We offer our members a platform to develop existing skills and learn new ones. In this way, ELSA enables the interaction with fellow students and experienced practitioners from different countries and legal systems within Europe. Our members are prepared for an international working environment through international cooperation and a large number of international activities and projects.


Our philosophy

„A just world in which there is respect for human dignity and cultural diversity“


Our mission

To promote legal education, mutual understanding and social responsibility among law students and young lawyers.


Our goals

Our aim is to create professional and international connections for law students and young lawyers. We want to prepare our members for a career in an international environment, to contribute to the mutual exchange of scientific experience and to promote mutual understanding and friendship on the basis of equality of all members.


Our way

We offer our members the opportunity to learn from other cultures and legal systems through critical dialogue and academic collaboration. We support our members in expanding their international experience and qualifications. We encourage our members to act for the good of society.