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Why should you become a member?

Establishment of a legal network

The Elsa network offers many unique advantages. You can meet new colleagues and employers, gain practical experience or improve your skills. ELSA gives you the opportunity.

Europe-wide STEP internships

By a STEP internship you will gain valuable practical experience, and you also have the opportunity to get to know new countries, cultures and languages.

Summer Law Schools

With the Summer Law School you have the opportunity to deal with a special legal topic of your choice in a country of your choice during the summer holidays.

Participation in Moot Courts

Because of the different Moot Courts students get the unique opportunity to prove their knowledge in practice.

Career (participation in workshops with companies)

By workshops with our various partners, you’ll get exclusive insights into the working world, have networking opportunities, and get to show off your knowledge.

Study Visits

We also offer trips to the different Elsa local groups, where you have the opportunity to exchange with other students and get to know their culture.

Register now with your faculty group!

ELSA Austria hast got 6 faculty groups: ELSA Graz, ELSA Innsbruck, ELSA Linz, ELSA Salzburg, ELSA Wien und ELSA WU Wien. Depending on which university you are studying at, you can register as a member of your faculty group. If you have any questions about membership, please feel free to contact your faculty group at any time.