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Our network

ELSA is the world’s largest politically independent non-profit organisation of students for students and young lawyers. Since its founding in 1981, many committed members have worked to expand the network. Today, we are proud to boast over 50,000 members worldwide, as well as representation in 44 nations and at over 350 universities.

Our partners

Our partners help to promote law students and young lawyers in their education, mutual understanding and social responsibility. They enable ELSA Austria to create a network of young lawyers from all over Austria who are internationally oriented in their thinking and acting, have an excellent legal education, have a professional appearance and have numerous soft skills.

Our members

Our members think internationally and they are interested in foreign legal systems. Through our many activities, such as seminars, conferences, Summer and Winter ELSA Law Schools, Moot Court Competitions, Negotiation Competitions, Law Review, Legal Research Groups and international internships, our members have access to a wide range of legal expertise and an understanding of different cultures.

Our reputation

The value of our projects is recognized and appreciated by numerous law firms and other private and public institutions. ELSA has been granted a special status by various international institutions. Since 2000 ELSA has a participatory status in the Council of Europe. ELSA also has consultative status with the following UN institutions: UN ECOSOC, UNCITRAL, UNESCO and WIPO.

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Our projects

Student Trainee Exchange Programme (STEP)

Find an international intern.

Our internship program STEP enables students and young lawyers to gain experience and expertise in the field of substantive and formal law of foreign legal systems and to get to know these cultures.

Legal Research Groups

Recruit specialized experts!

Legal Research Groups bring added value to your practice group or team, and also serve as a recruiting platform for students with research expertise in a specific legal field.

Moot Court Competitions

Take a look at potential colleagues at their work.

The ELSA network hosts numerous moot court competitions on a local, national and international level every year. The two largest moot court competitions in the ELSA network are specialized in Human Rights (EHRMCC) and World Trade Law (EMCC).

Many more projects

Find a project tailored to you!

ELSA organises, promotes and accompanies numerous other non-university activities in the field of legal education and soft skills. These include workshops, panel discussions, lecture series, publication activities (Elsa Law Review), law schools, international summits and various other events.


A European legal culture can only arise if we are aware of the common principles. ELSA makes a valuable contribution to this.

Former President of the OGH

In today’s internationally networked world, it is increasingly important for lawyers to look beyond the horizon of their national legal system. ELSA helps to become familiar with the European and international aspects of the law.

University professor at the University of Vienna

ELSA gives young law students a glimpse of other legal systems and the importance of international cooperation in law and politics. This will prepare young people for their future responsibilities for the future of Europe as an area of prosperity and peace!

University professor at the University of Vienna

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