ELSA Law Schools in Austria

ELSA Law Schools

ELSA Austria Winter & Summer Law Schools


… provide the most intensive legal education.

… may differentiate your CV from the others.

… gather leading aspects on particular topic.


Academic Program

In our law school program we try to give you the best overview about topics like dispute resolution, business law, medical law and sports law.

Moot Court

Moot courts help you practicing certain soft skills in a real life situation.

Institutional Visits

During these visits we try to show you the right mixture between cultural and academical program.

Benefit from national and international renowned experts

We try to give you the best speakers who are experts on their fields and known for their experience and knowledge.


Social programme

Skiing in Innsbruck or visiting the United Nations Headquarters in Vienna will shorten your week and provide an interesting mixture between fun and educational visits.

Gala Ball

At this event you receive your participant certificate in one of the finest venues of each city.


The law school is not only worth for the renowned academic program but also a chance to experience the beautiful cities of Vienna and Innsbruck.


Summer law school is not only special because of the academic program, the people you will meet there and the activities will be in your mind for the rest of your life.

Business Law and Ethics

ELSA WU Wien x ELSA Graz

Summer ELSA Law School on Business Law and Ethics

2022 Calendar Week 28

This Summer ELSA Law School will be held under the theme of ‚Business Law and Ethics‘. We aim to provide future-oriented lectures on business law which does not only focus on the legal relations between two businesses or a business and a consumer but also on important side aspects like the welfare of humans and the environment, recognizing the responsibility businesses have toward society.

Dispute Resolution

 ELSA Vienna

Summer ELSA Law School Dispute Resolution

2022 Calendar Week 27

After two years of interruption due to the corona pandemic, ELSA Vienna is aiming to provide a Summer Law School on Dispute Resolution in summer 2022. As already done in the past, we, together with our varied partners, will try to get renominated attorneys and other experts on the regarding field involved as speakers at this program. Thus, the upcoming law school will be both informative and connective, as well will make sure that the academic juridical program will be supplemented by several social and cultural activities. We are looking forward to your registration and hope to welcome you soon in Vienna!