ELSA Law Schools in Austria

ELSA Law Schools

ELSA Austria Winter & Summer Law Schools


… provide the most intensive legal education.

… may differentiate your CV from the others.

… gather leading aspects on particular topics.


Academic Program

In our law school program we try to give you the best overview about topics like dispute resolution, business law, medical law and sports law.

Moot Court

Moot courts help you practicing certain soft skills in a real life situation.

Institutional Visits

During these visits we try to show you the right mixture between cultural and academical program.

Benefit from national and international renowned experts

We try to give you the best speakers who are experts on their fields and known for their experience and knowledge.


Social programme

Skiing in Innsbruck or visiting the United Nations Headquarters in Vienna will shorten your week and provide an interesting mixture between fun and educational visits.

Gala Ball

At this event you receive your participant certificate in one of the finest venues of each city.


The law school is not only worth for the renowned academic program but also a chance to experience the beautiful cities of Vienna and Innsbruck.


Summer law school is not only special because of the academic program, the people you will meet there and the activities will be in your mind for the rest of your life.

Summer ELSA Law School on Dispute Resolution

ELSA Vienna

ELSA Vienna is determined to offer you an insight into the world of dispute resolution through an academic program established under the patronage of Prof. Paul Oberhammer, a leading expert in the field of international litigation and arbitration.

Additionally, a correspondent social program will be organized which will enable the participants to get to know the city and each other.

In a nutshell, the participants will start the day with lectures and workshops held by leading experts and spent the rest of the day visiting world-famous Viennese attractions and enjoying the great nightlife of Vienna.

Summer ELSA Law School on Business Law

ELSA WU Wien & ELSA Graz


1 Country. 2 Cities. 8 Days. Numberless experiences – that’s what we offer!

The Summer ELSA Law School on Business Law in Graz and Vienna will be the third edition of the cooperation between ELSA Graz and ELSA WU Vienna. The purpose? Offering a unique opportunity to experience the best of the two biggest, busiest and probably most amazing cities in Austria in front of an academic and a social background.

Over the period of 8 days the Summer ELSA Law School will provide to its participants an excellent possibility to broaden their knowledge in the area of Business Law by getting to know the perspectives of international lecturers and visiting international law firms and institutions, while simultaneously developing practical skills through case studies and face-to-face consultations with professionals.

Winter ELSA Law School on Sports Law

ELSA Innsbruck

Have you ever wondered why there is a football player worth over 200 million dollars?

Have you ever wondered how the Olympic Games are appointed to their venue?

Have you ever wondered how athletes found guilty of doping are prosecuted and by whom?

Find the answers at our 6th Winter ELSA Law School Innsbruck on Sports Law! Experience a week full of highly professional academic programme accompanied by tremendous social activities, such as skiing or an igloo party in an overwhelmingly beautiful city – Innsbruck, Jewel of the Alps.

Summer ELSA Law School on The Legal Aspects of Vaccination and Medical Innovation

ELSA Innsbruck

ELSA Innsbruck is exited to welcome you for an ELSA Summer Law School on Medical Law, this time focussing on “Legal Aspects of Vaccination and Medical Innovation”, from 31. July 2022 to 07. August 2022.

Alongside our academic program with high-level experts from academia and the practice of law, our participants will get to know our historic city located at the heart of the alps. Accommodated at the city centre, all activities are close-by and easily accessible.

Noch Fragen? Dann wende dich an unsere VP in charge of Seminars and Conferences!

Elena Zukriegel

Elena Zukriegel

Vice President in charge of Seminars and Conferences

ELSA Austria 2022/23

Elena Zukriegel

Elena Zukriegel

Vice President in charge of Seminars and Conferences

ELSA Austria 2022/23